Hi, I’m Nick. I’m a product designer working remotely with clients worldwide. I create intuitive products to solve important problems.

I’ve been working in product design for over 8 years. My experience includes working as a full-time designer in companies, working and leading projects as an external designer on a contract, launching my own product, and working in a tech startup that went from $0 to $20 million funding round. Through that, I have gained wide experience in various fields of product design.

ProductHow is a team of product designers I've started. Our team was created with the idea of delivering true product design experience as a service. Together we solve problems faster and with higher quality, taking into consideration different ideas, perspectives, and points of views.

We provide full-cycle web and mobile app design, from initial idea to finished interface. Our main expertise is complex SaaS products with a great amount of processes, logic, and data. We research, we strategize, we prototype, we design.

Let’s build something great together.

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