How we make products

We develop a product from the initial idea to the finished interface, providing design development support to ensure that the solution is implemented as intended.

5 steps

The work on the product includes five steps. This process allows to stay focused and find a solution to the problem without wasting time.

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Solution
  • Interface design
  • Support
Step 1


Analyzing the task, identifying problems and prioritizing them.

  • Learning about the business, the product and its users.
  • Preparing a list of problems and tasks.
  • Setting priorities.
  • Determining the ones we will work on.
We come to an agreement on what problem we are going to solve.
Step 2


Studying the problem from different perspectives.

  • Collecting data on the subject.
  • Studying users and their problems.
  • Studying competitors and products from different spheres.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Looking into the analytics.
We record the research results and choose a direction for developing a solution to the problem.
Step 3


Looking for and creating a solution.

  • Generating solutions and identifying the most effective one.
  • Sketching and building prototypes.
  • User testing and collecting feedback.
  • Analyzing and adjusting the solution.
We get the solution that is then passed on for interface design.
Step 4

Interface design

Transforming the solution into a development-ready interface.

  • Working out scenarios in detail.
  • Working on texts.
  • Drawing an interface and its states.
  • Building a design system.
  • Preparing a design for developers.
We get the product design that is then passed on for development.
Step 5


Supporting design development.

  • Answering the questions.
  • Carrying out a design review.
  • Ensuring correct implementation of the solution.
The developers understand the solution and implement what was originally intended.
Step 6. On request.


Analyzing the launch results.

  • Collecting feedback.
  • Communicating with users.
  • Looking into the analytics.
We get an idea about the users' experience with the solution, particularly about the problems and which ones need to be fixed.

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