Redesigning the employee assessment platform

People are key to a company's success. The platform identifies employees' skills and points of growth. Despite being a market segment leader, it started to fall behind users' expectations and demands for a modern IT product. We redesigned the platform and developed a design system to ensure its further growth.


The product needed a redesign. During its years of operation, the platform grew extensive functionalities and became rather large. The redesign needed to be done so users weren't affected by the changes, development didn't have to rewrite the platform from scratch, and it took minimal time to implement it.


We agreed on the redesign goals, defined a strategy and gameplan. We conducted research and analyzed competitor products, as well as products from other categories. We broke down the product into parts and redesigned the platform screen by screen, creating a single design system along the way.


The product received a new visual language and a modern interface that improved user experience. Developers can quickly build a new interface without rewriting the product from scratch. A uniform design system will help maintain and develop the product further.

Platform view before and after

We divided the redesign into several key stages. First was  an improvement in local UX and visual updates. To do completely from scratch meant  spending months in design and three times more in development. As a result, in just 6 weeks we were able to rework the entire product. The redesign was made in a way to be a feasible task for the development team.

Reworked pages

The product was really large. Below you can find just main screens, without states and user flows.

Design system

The design was made on components. We built the design system to be the basis for further development of a product.

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