Rebuilding the greenhouse management platform

Managing commercial greenhouses involves a lot of processes and information that need to be monitored and analyzed. The platform helps to see how things are going, manage greenhouses operations, and increase efficiency. We became a design team of the platform, rebuilt and redesigned the product.


The first product version had some problems that seriously impeded its growth. The most important among those were its information architecture and missing functionalities that users needed. The product had to be rebuilt.


The product needed a new concept, so we started our work developing it. The most important thing was to agree on what to focus on and which problems to solve. Special attention was given to research, interviews, as well as to development and tests of various concepts to avoid delivering product that wasn't up to snuff.


We ended up with a new concept and a new development strategy. The concept was approved and work on development began. In July 2019, the product was announced at Greentech, the biggest agricultural conference of the year, and received a lot of positive feedback from people who tested it. After Greentech we continued working on the product, creating new key features for the users to boost the platform to the next level.


The platform interface screens are shown below. They demonstrate only the part of a big-scale product. Behind the final pixels a considerable amount of work was done to turn an idea into the real product.

User flows

All functionality was broken down into user flows as clickable prototypes. Product and development teams can click through all designed solutions and figure out how everything works.

Design system

The whole design was made using components. If you edit one piece, changes are applied all over the design. Thus, it is easy to keep the product consistent. The development team can build its own components system.

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