Creating a visual modeling tool for plants growth simulations

Optimizing plants growing to increase efficiency is a big deal. In a real world it is a complicated task with lots of variables. The data science team of a client developed the model and we designed an app to work with it.

Definition and research

We defined a project as follows: functional and usable first version, ready enough to provide a great user experience. After that, the product will be developed and improved based on the received feedback after each iteration.

During our research we performed comprehensive analysis, including products exploration, interviews with users and experts.

This preparatory work gave us the uniform project understanding with a client and became a foundation for further solution.


Within this stage we have created a product prototype, which resembles app structure and functionality, key user flows, specific screens structure and data. Several quick iterations were done and the product prototype was ready.

Interface design

In this step we proceed with the interface design to turn the prototype into an actual product. It included visual user interface, screen components and states, detailed user flows, design system, and other product design aspects.

The final prototype and design were given to the development team of a client. We continued to support the product development to ensure the correct implementation of the created design.


The following platform interface screens show the final result. A substantial work has been done to turn an idea into pixels and the real product.

User flows

All functionality was broken down into the user flows as interactive prototypes. They provide an understanding of how things work and give the answers to a large number of questions.

Interface details

A few examples of components are indicated below. Because we also believe that little details are important for the quality.

Design system

The whole design is based on components system. The development team can build its own system using components, and it is much easier to maintain consistency during further product developments.

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